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Top Five Pizza Joints to Visit- and (Why theirs a Slice Above the Rest)

Top Five Pizza Joints to Visit- and (Why theirs is a Slice Above the Rest)

We Filipinos are rice eaters…. But we also know, and appreciate a mouth-watering burger; a flavorful ramen; a decadent cheesecake and of course, a delicious pizza. So in this edition of Today’s Top Five, I have listed the five pizza places that my friends, family and I usually frequent- and have laid out what makes each of these pizza joints stand out from the rest when it comes solely to their main fare: the pizza.

1. Shakey’s Thin Crust

Shakey’s Manager’s Choice thin-crust pizza. Image: Shakey’s Singapore (Facebook)
photo from Shakey’s Singapore’s Facebook

If there’s one thing that Shakey’s is known for, long before the birth of their iconic mojos, is their thin crust pizza. No matter the flavor, whether it’s their manager’s choice, their garlic and cheese or their pepperoni crunch, the flavors taste better on top of an oven-baked thin crust. Mainly, it’s because a thin crust allows you to taste all the ingredients without the frills. when you bite in it, the crust also crumbles just right.

2. Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust

slice of Pizza Hut's stuffed crust pizza
photo from

This brilliant concoction of Pizza Hut makes for a wise meal. Let’s face it, not everyone takes kindly to the crust- discarding it, even, as some say it’s just a piece of bread that hardly possesses any flavor. Well, Pizza Hut changed all that- by stuffing the crust with cheese and sometimes meat- making eaters full. Truly value for your hard-earned money!

3. Angel’s Creamy Spinach

Angel's Pizza's Creamy Spinach Dip + Double Deal Delivery
photo from

The spinach is, admittedly, not a veggie of choice when it comes to a pie flavors, But Angel’s pizza changed the way we look at the dish- with their Creamy Spinach variant. Now with everyone following suit, Angels can actually brag that they started this delicious variant that has other pizzeria companies concocting their own version.

4. Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Passion Pizza Review, Pepperoni Passion Pizza Domino's
photo from

Of course one of the most popular flavors- the pepperoni- is a regular item in every pizzeria menu. But Domino’s pepperoni flavor wins me down with the amount of pepperoni it has (they don’t scrimp). Mixed with cheese and served hot, this is really pepperoni heaven, if I should say so.

5. Yellow Cab’s Four Cheese

photo from

Yellow Cab’s Four Cheese Pizza is one for the books. With the way it combines the 4 cheeses together- mozzarela, cheddar, romano and feta. With such an excellent blend, meat lovers such as myself hardly miss the protein in there.

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