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Top Five Unique Dishes to Try at Lancaster Manila’s Bariotik Buffet

Top Five Unique Dishes to Try at Lancaster Manila’s Bariotik Buffet

Long before the popularity of the Samgyup, there was (and always will be) the All You Can Eat Buffet. Places which offer these are always sought after- mainly and not only because of the many food choices that a family or group of friends can enjoy but because of the great value it gives to those who work and save hard. Adding to this list of venues is the newest buffet offered by Lancaster Hotel which sits quietly in the busy road of Shaw Boulevard. Coming from Manila, you could easily miss the hotel as it’s already a few meters away from the bridge heading towards Ortigas or that lane towards Makati. Good thing, the name Lancaster is big enough for everyone to see (if you’re coming from the Kalentong-Manila side or Little Baguio) But don’t let its humble facade fool you. This gem of a place is now home to a new gem- Bariotik Kitchen- where everyone can enjoy great Kapampangan food at a very affordable price (Only 499 per head, folks!). Recently, Bariotik opened to the public with no less than;

(from L-R) Mandaluyong Vice-Mayor Menchie Abalos; Mandaluyong Mayor Benjamin Abalos Sr.; Hotel Bariotik Owner Katrina Roque; and, Lancaster Hotel President and CEO Ronald Lim.

Part of this extensive spread of 50 dishes is, of course the famous sisig, lechon, kare-kare, okoy, sinigang na salmon, asadong manok and many more! So what makes Bariotik, which hails from Floridablanca, Pampanga, THE place to head to if you want to delight your tummies? Well, apart from the sumptuous dishes, they also serve unique viands not often seen in buffet tables. So here we count down the Top Five Unique Food Items in Bariotik.

1.  Balut from Bariotik Buffet

Not everyone can find this Filipino delicacy on a buffet spread. But Bariotik dares.Suggest though to eat this at the end of the meal in case your blood spikes (and your buffet payment goes to waste)

2. Kilayin from Bariotik Buffet

I would never know what Kilayin is if it wasn’t for the label which detailed the ingredients. So it’s a sour and mild spicy viand which combines meat with pork lungs and heart. I am not a very adventurous soul- so i passed on this one… but others who understood the rarity of the dish on a buffet menu seemed more than pleased.

3. Bariotik Buffet’s Sisig Pusung Saging


Of course, sisig has always been known to be THE dish of the Kapampangan- so it’s not a surprise that the dish has evolved into different variations- this one using puso ng saging- which is far healthier than pig’s ears or cheeks. Don’t get me wrong, it also is mixed with either pork or seafood- but at least, the Puso ng Saging is much healthier than pork meat through and through.

4.  Kalderetang Itik from Bariotik Buffet


This is Kaldereta made more special with duck meat. Who can resist such a flavorful sauce with a bird meat that’s a great source of protein and iron.

5. Bariotik Buffet’s Ensaladang Pako


We’ve all heard of ensaladang talong. But Ensaladang Pako? This dish is made of fern leaves, mixed with onions and tomatoes drizzled with spiced vinegar. This is worth a try.

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