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Five meals to order from Tropical Hut (aside from burgers!)

Tropical Hut Hamburger has stood the test of time. Built in the ’60s, this local fast-food chain has been expertly making burgers and serving them to our tummy’s content. They haven’t changed their recipe (I think) and what makes their burger delicious is how juicy it is and how you can still taste the true meaty beef goodness of each and every patty. But Tropical Hut is more than just burgers. Their menu is full-packed, and I must say, some of their items have earned fans because of their taste–and also, affordability. So here are some of their meals also worth ordering:

1. Clubhouse

Made with chicken, cheese, ham and egg, their Clubhouse sandwich tastes great and yet so affordable. This is true value for money considering how filling and delicious it is.

2. Spring Chicken

Tropical hut

Their chicken is underrated, in my opinion. Both in size and taste. For those who opt not to have the usual breaded chicken, they also have their spring chicken (how’s that for options!)

3. Palabok

Pancit Bihon - Picture of Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine, Hackensack - Tripadvisor

Their Pancit Palabok can actually give others, like Jollibee and Mang Inasal’s palabok a run for their money. This traditional Filipino dish of thin rice noodles is infused with a creamy shrimp-infused sauce and complemented with various toppings that’s cooked just right.

4. Chicken Sandwich

Tropical hut

Their Chicken Sandwich is actually quite basic–but it’s seasoned just right. It has no fancy ingredients- just old fashioned spread wedged in between two pieces of bread. But something memorable. Oh and I’m talking about un-fried chicken. It’s not just a chicken patty slapped on a bun.

5. Macaroni Salad

Their macaroni salad, served in a cup, actually combines the sweet taste of raisin and mayo that blends well with pineapple and carrot bits. Again, the secret is in how it’s seasoned.

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