Top five Filipino traits that make us awesome

Have you ever noticed how we always seem to unabashedly shout “Filipino ‘yan!” whenever we triumph in the world stage, whether it be in the Miss Universe pageant or in the boxing ring or a global singing competition? Only we Filipinos can take to social media in a huff and make sure the world knows that we are talented, special and great. This, despite the many criticisms our country faces- from its politics and economics to its crime and environment. Which brings me to list down the Top Five Filipino traits that we should actually be proud of- then and now.

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1. Filipinos are resilient

No matter the storm that comes, whether it’s a typhoon or spike in pork prices, Filipinos are known to adapt to the times. They go with the flow and cope. Of course they sometimes rant. But they usually overcome the rant, then accept- then adjust and learn to live with it.

2. Filipinos have a great sense of humor

Filipinos don’t take themselves seriously. If at all, we see humour in even the dreariest situations. In fact, we can even laugh at ourselves. This ability makes it easier for us to handle life, in general.

3. Filipinos are hospitable

We Filipinos are known to invite people into our home and offer them food. We even engage them in random conversation. This kind of hospitality is what has always endeared us to other races and cultures.

4. Filipinos have a strong sense of faith

The Filipinos’ strength in everything we do can also be traced to their strong belief in God, which is why we often say “Magdasal ka lang.” No matter the challenges, we trust that the Lord will watch over us and help us.

5. Filipinos love their families

If there’s one stellar thing about being Filipino is our love and close relations with family. Whether it’s joy or sorrow, there’s always the family to run to for all those stories and emotions you need to share with. And this means not just our immediate and extended families, but also very close friends or those who may not be blood-related yet whom we choose to be part of our family.

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