Five things to do while stuck in traffic

Now that more people have gotten vaccinated, and our leaders have allowed the opening of more industries, the one thing that has become familiar, once again, is the sight of traffic. Of course, it doesn’t only consume gas, it also consumes our precious time. For car owners, there’s no reason to fret because we’ve got top five suggestions on what you can do when you’re stuck in traffic:

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1. Clean and organize your glove compartment

This is the time to get your stuff in the car organized so you don’t scramble around looking for those all important items.

2. Attend to personal hygiene

Whether it is to remove or put on make up, cut nails, put on lotion… this is the time! This will save you a lot of time when you get home or get to the office. It even make you look refreshed and clean when you get off the car.

3. Catch up with loved ones and relatives

This is the opportune time to call the people who mean so much to you and ask them how they’re doing. I mean, of course, when things get busy in the office, these people are the ones you often take.

4. Clean up your mobile phone

That means deleting those unwanted photos; deleting files you don’t need, removing Viber groups that are non-functional etc. etc. Remember how crucial and important your phone’s. storage is.

5. Sort life out with yourself

Whatever stress or problems you have, this is the time for you to sort them out with yourself and yourself alone. Without anyone else in the car, you can cry, bash yourself, give yourself a pat in the back, cry again, laugh etc. etc. until you figure out what’s what. It would really help, though, if your car’s windows are tinted so people in the streets or in other cars won’t judge you.

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