Top five ways to save on fuel

Face it: soaring prices of fuel is not under our control. (Much like the COVID outbreak). But there are things we CAN do (aside from pray) instead of sulk and rant. And here, I round out the Top Five Ways we can save on the impact of high fuel prices.

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1. Plan your work schedule

For those who are lucky to still be working at home, fuel prices is not really a problem for you. for those on a hybrid set up, make adjustments. like for car owners, wake up early so you can avoid traffic and save up on fuel consumption. For those involved in operations and have to work daily, try to leave early not just to avoid traffic but also so you can conveniently catch the free MRT ride.

2. Do carpool

With soaring fuel prices, best for you and your neighbors to band together and just use one vehicle, especially when you’re all heading the same way–or have children who go to the same school or go attend the same piano class.

3. Plan your trips

This is the best time to plan your itinerary according to your route. If you’re heading a certain way, then think of all the places that you will be passing by and get ready to do your chores, meet-ups etc. in one go. Like now, whenever I go to the laundromat and have to wait for my first wash to finish, I leave my car there, go drop by to the nearest bank to either settle some bills or make withdrawals or buy bread- then return. Oh yes. I have also stopped staying in the car and turning the engine on to watch You Tube to while away the time while the washing machine timer goes off.

4. Cut down on other expenses

To cushion the blow of soaring fuel prices, save in other areas that you have some control over. Like cut down on your night outs…. or cut down on other non-essential spending. Also try to cut down on electricity costs or water costs. Or just use the rice cooker once a day.

5. When you can, walk

If your errands entail trips to the bank or the supermarket less than a kilometer, it would help for you to just walk. You don’t only get a good exercise, you also get to save on fuel or, if you commute, save on transport costs.

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