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Top five things I miss about childhood

Yes, we’re all grown up now–earning our own money and taking life’s challenge’s by the horn. But now that we’ve reached everyone’s favorite time of the year, here’s me feeling nostalgic about the time when life was much much simpler… and basic. I’m talking about my childhood, and the top five things I miss about it. And whether you admit it or not, I know these are the things you miss, too.

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1. Sleeping

Remember that time when our elders would force us to take a nap in the daytime so we’ll grow taller? Of course, we’d simply pretend–as all we wanted to do was play. But now that we’re all grown and swamped with so many responsibilities, sleep is one thing we wish we had more of.

2. Playing

Remember waking up to a new day planning what game or activity to engage in for the day? Something that does not entail schoolwork? This hassle-way free of life is such a far cry from how we do things nowadays, with us usually dreading Mondays and looking forward to Mondays when we can put our minds at ease from so much work and expectations.

3. Someone prepping your food

Remember the time when all you had to do was listen to your mom say Kakain na and you simply had to rush to the dining table and everything is prepped? From the food to the plates and cutlery… While some of us are still afforded that from time to time, the varying work schedules of the whole household make it hard for anyone to prep food for us- without it getting cold.

4. Someone giving you all kinds of stuff without asking for anything in return

When you’re a child, people will give you candy or a a paper bill telling you to buy a treat for yourself. And they don’t really expect anything in return. (well. why should they?). But now, you’re lucky if you’re given something without being expected to return the favor- like a task or a future “libre= pag nagsuweldo ka na”.

5. Being shown so much affection

When you’re a kid, everyone dotes on you–physically and emotionally. You’re constantly told how cute and lovable you are. When you’re grown, apart from your parents or that one favorite ninang or that person who has fallen in love with you, no one really showers you with affection anymore. But I guess that’s alright, too. Wouldn’t that be creepy, if an adult does it to you when you’re an adult yourself (That would mean stalking, in some people’s books)?

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