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Five facts about left-handed people

Do you know that only 11% of the population is left-handed? Today we round up the five traits of “lefties” (and why they make great workers and partners in everyday life!)

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1. Lefties are said to be used to putting up with challenges.

They are said to be able to work strategically given that they can work on most tasks with both hands. That includes sports like badminton. Because nearly everything is designed for right-handed people, lefties also tend to be nimble. Even if it’s as small as adapting to doors, tools, or scissors, lefties have seemingly developed functional solutions for it all. That makes left-handers more flexible in the office and faster to react.

2. Lefties see and feel the general idea of every issue.

One way to look at the contrast between lefties and righties, according to psychologist Yvonne Thomas, PhD, is how they approach problem solving. While those on the right might apply logical solutions to an issue, she says lefties have the innate ability to come up with several options, as opposed to just one solution.

3. Lefties follow creative intuition.

Since left-handed professionals are right-brain dominant, this means they are more likely to follow that creative flow of information or processing. While those who choose to work primarily with their right hand can also be creative, they have a harder time going with their gut feel. That’s likely why many writers, musicians, artists, and other creators tend to be lefties: they’re not afraid to approach life and their work differently, since they don’t question their ideas as much.

4. Lefties process information quicker.

Because of the knack left-handed people have for connecting the two sides of their brain, Thomas says they tend to process information quickly. This makes them super-fast learners who catch on to new tasks only after a few attempts. Even though they might not be as detail-focused, they can digest concepts and come up with solution faster than a righty when faced with the same situation.

5. Lefties tend to work more independently.

They can develop a more individual image of themselves rather than an image of themselves as part of a group. This means they do not conform. While a lefty will still be able to contribute to a brainstorming session, they might prefer to execute all deliverables on their own.


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