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Top five things more valuable than money

Of course we all need money. without it, how can we eat, go to work, see friends, book AIRBNB or pay our bills? But keep in mind, there are more important things in the world than money. These are mostly intangible stuff that makes you feel loved, alive or encouraged. So read on, and find out the things I feel are more important than money, pandemic or not.

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1. Relationships

You need family, friends, lovers to get you through the worst of times and be with you during the best of times. They’re the ones you cling to and communicate with. These human interactions are very important to keep you sane and keep those voices out of your head.

2. Health

Health is wealth is a saying that’s truer now than ever before. Just remember if you fall seriously ill, all your fortune in the world will run out- and that’s if and only if, you’re lucky to  live through it.

3. Fresh Air

With the lockdown, many of us urban folks are encouraged to stay indoors, lest we catch the virus. This is actually okay for those with big gardens or backyards… but for those who live in condos or small apartments, fresh air is a rare privilege.

4. Hobbies

No, I am not talking about internet-related activities. I am talking about hobbies that don’t require much money–like drawing, crossword puzzles, scrapbook making or reading a book. These kinds of hobbies help you pass the time productively- rather than checking out what your friends or so-called friends are up to on facebook.

5. Religion

I don’t care what other people think. You need religion or faith to make it through a day (specially these days). Face it: humans are simply humans who, like you, can only offer some pep talk. But when you talk to someone Higher, and even if He does not directly respond, you feel a sigh of relief and feel a sense of hope that things will be alright.

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