Five kinds of officemates I dread

I have been working for years–and all these time, I have experienced how it is to work with all kinds of people, from the “know it alls” to the sexual predators. Still, they still haven’t made it to this list of the Top Five Kinds of People I Hate in the Office:

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1. Bibo Baby

The one who gets too perky to bring out his ideas, to a fault. The one who always raises his hand or speaks out in a meeting just so he can show he knows something about anything. Trouble is, some of them really don’t have anything to bring to the table. It’s just them compensating for their inadequacies.

2. Credit-Grabber

The one who asks you “what do you think?” going into a meeting, and floats the idea you had in that meeting as if he/she owns it. The one who takes credit for a victory- no matter how tiny, knowing he/she doesn’t have any original idea or thought to begin with.

3. The Procrastinator

The trouble with people who dilly-dally is that he/she has a  responsible peer who will be willing to jump in to “save the day”. The procrastinator is not aware that his actions – or in this case, non-action, puts the burden on a peer who is working hard for a company’s success.

4. The Snitch

The one who doesn’t have qualms pointing to someone when things get ugly. the one who would turn a peer in when a situation gets ugly. Never trust a snitch. If he can turn on someone, he can turn on you. Always.

5. The SS

Super sipsip it is. These people are the first to walk in the room of the boss and tell him/her how wonderful their hair bounces or how slim they look. Yes. It doesn’t have to be work-related when they give out the compliment. It’s mostly their way to be noticed or to get a raise or promotion. And what’s utterly detestable? The Boss who actually buys it!

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