Five things I don’t like about big supermarkets

I am, I guess, one of the few, who continue to go to the grocery store physically to buy stuff for my family. Apart from I enjoy the hunt, I like how I am able to see and touch for myself the things I’m buying. But not all my trips are joyful owing to these Top Five Pet Peeves- Inside the Grocery Store, specially the big ones:

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1. Their sales personnel on ground are more worried over completing their online orders than helping you

I have experienced this in membership grocers. They’d rush past you- and sometimes, they’re the ones who’ll swoop in to get the item, just before you’re about to get them and put them in your cart.I understand that it’s extra service groceries provide specially during the pandemic and that some of them have a time delivery promise…. But hey! Shouldn’t they employ extra people to do that extra service?

2. They don’ have enough baggers

In the past weeks, it would be a blessing if I chance upon a bagger in my check out lane. Usually, it would be the cashier who would bag my items. And it wouldn’t matter if the girl doing the dual job weighs about 80 pounds or shorter than 4’11, she needs to bag everything- NO MATTER HOW MANY. So that, plus her main responsibility of scanning and giving you change, wow- that doesn’t just mean exploitation but means a longer waiting time for us customers.

3. They can only offer small paper bags, no matter how many items you’ve shopped

I get it that we have to be more eco friendly and bring our own eco-bags or containers, but when one forgets to bring one, groceries should be ready to stash them in boxes or paper bags that can actually fit your items. This is a service that groceries need to provide.

4. The sales staff aren’t trained well on the ins and outs of the supermarket

Don’t you just hate it when you ask someone where the seasonings section are, they point you to aisle number 1 and it turns out, the things you’re looking for are in aisle number 10?

5. They don’t have loose change

The phrase “Sir,Ma’am, okay lang po, kulang po ako ng 25 centavos?”. When you add up all those 25 centavos, it totals thousands in a month- contributing to the wealthy supermarket owner to get wealthier.

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