Five ways to convince people to get vaccinated

Now that the Delta variant is upon us, more and more people have started to flock to vaccine centers, with or without an appointment, to get jabbed. But while many feel anxious about the new variant (as well as the new lockdown measures), there are still many who are still adamant about getting vaccinated. So how can we convince them to get inoculated- and not leave things to chance and their lucky stars? Here, I list down the five ways to convince people to get vaccinated:

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1. Elicit fear

Show people the numbers. show them how the Delta variant is now sweeping neighboring Indonesia (after India) and how their COVID cases have soared 400% in 3 weeks!

2. Appeal to their sense of country and family

Tell them that only through being fully vaccinated can they help in making sure their family and country are safer. Of course, there are still no guarantees that being fully vaccinated protects you from COVID 100%. But some sort of protection is better than none at all.

3. Show them the perks of being vaccinated

Yes, there are many establishments extending discounts and such to fully inoculated individuals. From restaurants to salons, this type of stuff appeals to many Filipinos and is a great way to get them to the vaccine sites.

4. Give them rewards

One of the things LGUs have employed to get their constituents in vaccine centres is offer them a chance to win in a raffle. From houses to farm animals, these raffle prizes have proven to be useful methods in getting the public to join the vaccine program.

5. Ease their worries while cued up

Providing people with a cool shed or food like mamon while cued up make people line up knowing someone’s looking after their well-being. One most recent example of such a simple yet novel deed is when LBC started providing refreshments to people who wait patiently in line to register, undergo screening and get jabbed in vaccine centres near their branches,. This simple act of kindness from a big logistics company shows that they are not just about delivering essentials and goods or sending out remittances during the pandemic. As Juan Manuel Liwag, LBC’s PH Brand Head explains: “Providing refreshments to our countrymen awaiting their turn in vaccination sites is a simple yet valuable step in letting them know they are not alone in the fight against COVID-19”.

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