Top five things I look for in a content creator

Seems like more and more people are creating content nowadays, thanks to the pandemic. But unless you’re a celebrity or someone who started many years ago, content creation is not for the faint hearted. And while I do not intend to be one, I have made a list of the top five things I look for in a content creator.

Free A Woman Recording Herself with a Smartphone while Eating Stock Photo Content Creator

1. Original

This I believe, is the hardest thing to find in a content creator. But it should be the first thing anyone should be on the look out for, in a person who creates content. Duh. The thing is, it’s hard for them to find ways to be original that they end up copying others. While this can work for, say, a closet or house tour, some concepts simply lose appeal when done often

2. Authentic

The content creator has to be genuine. This means he/she has to be able to show his/her true self- and personality. No pretensions, whatsoever. This will make viewers “trust” the creator more–which could lead fan base so loyal they will stay with the creator day in and day out.

3. Witty

One has to be smart and witty. I can’t think of a creator who became successful by being bland, lifeless and dull. One has to be always up on his/her feet to say and do “interesting” things- whatever situation arises.

4. Relatable

He/she has to be able to connect with the viewers. That means the creator has to be able to impress that the life he or she is living is easily identifiable. And that his/her experiences are not alien to the common viewer.

5. Sensible

The content has to make sense. I’m not saying intellectually- just that it should have some sense. Like there should be a beginning and an end to the content- and not just a hodge podge of events and conversations carelessly thrown in. That said, the creator must also be able to think of his/her target market. And effectively say or depict the message he/she wants to send out.

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