Top five reasons why I’d rather not lend out money

When someone comes up to you to borrow money, how do you feel? With me, it’s a whole mix of emotions. But the one that stands out is–anxiousness. That’s because there are two situations I have to weigh carefully before I decide to lend money: First: I’d lend–but I’d be on the fence thinking if I will ever get my money back. Second–I won’t lend, but my conscience will kill me. Still, I needed to get this list out there–so that people can learn a thing or two on why I’d rather not lend money at all: 

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1. I don’t like reminding people to pay up

I have always believed in my heart that when one borrows money, one must also possess the ability to pay up when the due date comes. So when a person dodges that responsibility, it creates an awful feeling in me, knowing that I have to remind a person about heeding to a responsibility that should have been theirs alone.

2. I don’t like to feel bad when people run away with my money

Yes it happens. Sadly. Never mind if they’re mere acquaintances. But sometimes, these people are good friends and even, family. It’s just awful for people close to you to take advantage- or to assume you’ll be alright even if you don’t get paid on time- or don’t get paid at all.

3. I don’t really like adding interest on the money I loan out (even if they ask me too)

Adding interest on the money loaned out may make it worthwhile for the lender. But there is that moral tug of war inside a conscientious lender, because a part of him/her really just wants to help, but at the same time, would like to keep his/her hard-earned money intact for that unexpected rainy day. So yeah, sometimes, it’s hard to be put in such a delicate and unwanted position.

4. Some people get into the habit

The thing about lending money is that it gives out the impression that you always have some excess money lying around. And sometimes, that impression is all a borrower needs to ask again. And again.

5. I expect people to live with what they have

I know that not all people are the same. And I don’t expect others to be like me. But growing up, we never really had anything. And during those times when I had nothing, i was brought up to suck it up. Like when I don’t have money for a bus fare, I’d manage to walk rather than borrow money. When I don’t have new clothes for a party, I’d re-style my old ones to make them look trendy. So I guess my biggest advice? To just live within your means so you don’t have to pass your troubles on to others.

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