Top five ways to save money

It’s hard to save when you get yourself into something like online shopping. Yes, during the pandemic, when travel, cinemas, bars, events are a no-no; and, malls and restaurants limit their capacity, one of the ways to while the time away is to get on your phone or gadget and check out all the things you can have delivered at your door step in just one click. But when you do, there’s one thing that will certainly suffer: your money for a rainy day. So without further adieu, here are the top five ways to get you to save money (especially when you don’t have a lot of it lying around).

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1. Get off online shopping

Occupy yourselves doing something else other than looking at Online shops. I even know of some people who have dismantled their shopping apps off their gadgets just so they won’t get sales alerts and they won’t be able to browse through during their spare time.

2. Clean your place

This way, you’ll discover things which you have too much off. And often, these are the same things you’re planning on buying.

3. Know that coins have power

A lot of people frown on receiving coins for change. But as I always say, you can never have a thousand pesos without a peso and a peso without a centavo. When kept right, these coins amount to something of substantial value that you can use them for everyday expenses.

4. Think of a cheaper alternative

This holds true for people who always need to order from restaurants- You have to weigh your food costs with how much money you make. Example: if Pad Thai is your favorite dish, learn how to cook it instead of shelling out about 300 pesos just to satisfy your cravings. This also holds true for when you go grocery-shopping. There are store brands that you can buy at a cheaper cost than those big brands which occupy prime shelf spaces.

5. Don’t depend too much on your credit card

We all know how tempting credit cards are. Specially when they offer zero interest; buy now pay later; or, offer goods which you can get at slashed prices… etcetera etcetera. The thing is, while credit cards will save the day for you when short in cash, they tempt you to spend money you don’t have. That’s why it’s wiser to just adjust your spending depending on the cash you have in your wallet than going off budget using “plastic cards”.

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