Five 80s gadgets we miss

A trip down memory lane led me here–to the ’80s when life was a whole lot simpler (and a whole lot safer). So long before Smart technology, playstation consoles, and gaming laptops were invented, there were those things which your parents relied on heavily- either at work or at home. And here I am, counting down these Top Five 80s Gadgets people in that era found impossible to do without.

1. Beeper/Pager

Pager - Wikipedia

Isn’t it nice to simply receive a message that’s short and sweet? Also, isn’t it nice to have a message alert that’s less  intrusive than a mobile phone?

2. Fax MachineFax - Wikipedia

Of course, who needs a fax machine in the age of email? But the feel of putting paper in a machine slot- that gets received by the other party also in a paper (yet thermal) form, used to be so amazing.

3. Typewriter

Typewriter - Wikipedia

Of course, everything is much cleaner with a computer written report or document. But a typewriter challenges you to type away with all your might and aggression- and makes you feel like you’re a true-blood writer. Of course it isn’t good that you have to waste good paper sometimes. But having a typewriter was, somewhat, a gauge of how good or focused you are in writing- and how skillful you are in having a neatly typewritten report- with strict adherence to margins.

4. Radio Cassette (and eventually, the Walkman)

Radio Cassette Recorder AQ4130/01 | Philips

 There was a time when listening to the radio was the way to go…. It was the perfect accompaniment to those dreary days. and of course, there’s the cassette component- where all you needed to do was to pop in a cassette tape for your favorite music. (The downside, though, is when the cassette eats away at your tape- or when you press the “record” tab while enjoying your fave tune).

5.  Non-Smartphones

A look at Samsung's handset evolution through the ages | Flip phones,  Classic phones, Cellular phone

I dreaded the coming of the smart phone way back then. I knew that if it had the ability to record or take photos, there will be no way for me to hide from my employer.  (“Why aren’t you at work, Rejina? Can you take a photo of your surroundings as proof?”)  Of course, having a smart phone is awesome because it allows you to work, be entertained, take photos, record a meeting etc. etc. But wasn’t it nice and simple back  then when the main purpose before of a phone is to actually engage in meaningful talk?

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