Top five things we have too much of

It’s always during a lockdown when I find the time to observe the things around the house and really get to see how much I need to declutter and reorganize to make more space for people and activities which will make their quarantine lives more bearable. And I am at awe how our small house was able to handle all the stuff we have- which, admittedly, seemed to have piled up, much to my amazement- and sometimes, regret. Had I just been wiser with our expenses, we could have more savings neatly tucked away for a rainy day- or, in this instance, COVID era.

So here I present to you the Five Things We Simply Have Too Much Of:

1. Clothes

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I sighed a huge sigh of relief when I finally got all my clothes in order: filling up 7 cabinets and drawers with my clothes. Until someone pointed out that I still had 3 more balikbayan boxes of clothes to sort and fix (and to think I already gave some away). Honestly, now I feel so defeated.

2. Shoes

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In my defense, most of the branded shoes were bought on sale. And my feet aren’t really female feet- as I would usually destroy any pair of shoes I have on after three times of using it- rendering it practically disposable. But then, it dawned on me that some of those forgotten shoes are useless to me now because their leather has been ripped away due to storage….

3. Cookware and Plasticware

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We have too many pans and pots- which made me think: how much food or how many varieties of food do we cook per meal, anyway? Then there are the heaps of plastic ware that comes from those food deliveries and take-outs. Disposing them makes me guilty- so imagine how many plasticware has piled up in our kitchen shelves over the years!

4. Food

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I’m not just talking about the things inside the fridge which goes to waste, but also biscuits, chips, milk and noodles which have been forgotten inside the kitchen cabinets or pantries. Lesson learned! That’s why I have made it my life’s mission, moving forward, to avoid food wastage and only replenish stocks when absolutely necessary.

5. Shampoo, Soaps, Lotion etc.

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Okay, never mind the soaps because that’s a must that needs to be constantly replenished. But I admit being carried away with the bundle sales usually offered in online shops for shampoo and lotion! These big bundle sales- actually lead to big spending as you always get lured into thinking that you’re getting things on bargain when in truth is it leaves you with so much stuff that you realize their expiry dates are already days away.

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