Top five objects in the house that can cause fire

One of saddest things I’ve heard about in recent days is the death of a senior couple when they were trapped inside their burning home. It is said that the woman returned to try to get her bedridden husband out of the house when the ceiling fell on them. This story, however sad, made me decide to make a Top Five list of objects in the house which, you may not know can be a fire risk.


1.  Cooking Equipment

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When a pot or pan overheats or splatters greases, it can take seconds to cause a fire. Stay in the kitchen when cooking, especially if using oil or high temperatures; most kitchen fires occur because people leave their cooking unattended. Keep combustibles (e.g. oven mitts, dish towels, paper towels) away from heat sources.

2. Glass Vases and Jars

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Avoid putting such objects near your window In London, a simple Nutella jar sitting on a window sill caused a massive fire when sunlight struck it. Remember: if you let these objects stand in direct sunlight, the rays from the sun can become concentrated enough to begin combustion.

3. Laptops and gadgets with lithium batteries

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The rule is this: never leave a laptop on a soft surface like a mattress or a sofa- plugged. You have to use a table for the laptop’s stability. Also, make sure that the vents of the laptop are guarded against dusts.

4. Extension cords

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Make sure that heavy appliances are not plugged in extension cords, but onto main outlets. Also make sure that extension cords are unplugged when not in use. And when you unplug, make sure to unplug the extension from the actual plug- Please don’t tug it off by the wire.

5. Dust Bunnies

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These clumps of dust,  when near a spark like a heater or eletrical sockets, will ignite and spread a fire quickly. How to prevent this from happening? Simply dust off and clean!

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