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Top five reasons why people get married in the time of COVID

Despite the lockdown, you hear of people getting engaged- and taking things a step further by tying the knot. Some would say that this simply isn’t the right time given that there are more important things to worry about like livelihood and survival. But why do some people take this particular time to make a lifetime commitment? Here are the Top Five Reasons why people get married in the time of COVID (in my humble opinion).

Free Man And Woman Kissing Stock Photo married in the time of Covid 191. They fear the worst

Some fear that with the pandemic’s end nowhere in sight, life can simply pass them by. And the fear of falling ill or, worse, dying without having accomplished something life-changing like marriage is something that

2. They need to be with someone to help them cope with their loneliness

We have heard of people feeling depressed and sad by being locked inside the house- with family members who simply aren’t enough. This is the time when they realize their girlfriend or boyfriend’s worth- and decide that it’s better to be hitched with someone who they can grow with and who they feel can understand them better.

3. They spend less for a wedding

With rules on social distancing and people being discouraged from attending events and occasions with 10 or more people, there are those on a very tight budget who have seized the chance to get married to save on cost (without appearing as such).

4. They don’t need to invite people they don’t want

This solves the perennial problem of parents telling you that there are people that have to make it on your guest list- no matter if you don’t know them or have only encountered them when you were just a toddler. Though your guest list will be so limited, at least you’ll be sure that those who will be at one of the most important days in your life are the people who matter.

5. They are ready and willing

They are ready to settle down- maybe even before the pandemic struck.  Those who decided to put off their wedding this 2021 after the virus hit in 2020 must have realized that there’s really no telling when the pandemic will end. So better get things done, already.

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