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Top five things to look forward to while on lockdown

Each day, while on lockdown, we’re faced with the ultimate question: When will our lives be back to normal? Or will it ever? Of course there are those half glass empty folks who would rather focus on the negative. But for half glass full folks like myself, I would like to think that each day, there’s always something to wake up and look forward to. And here are my top five reasons:

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1. The next Netflix release/s

Our go-to source for entertainment. Especially when we want to get lost in a world so different than what we have now. But let’s all admit- our next order of business when we’ve gone through our fave series or movies is to check our calendars and hope we’ve reached the end of the month which signals the entry of new releases that we can start binging on.

2. Online sales and promos

For those whose hobby is to scour and drool over different menus of different restaus, checking if there’s a promo or a discount or free delivery on Grab or Food Panda in your area is something to look forward to. Oh! And the monthly online sales! the 9/9 sale and so on so forth. If you missed to “add to cart” the last time, the next sale is an event to look forward to, indeed.

3. What’s for Lunch? Dinner?

Food is a necessity. But ever since the lockdown, food, for some of us, has become a part of our life’s many pleasures. it has also become one joyful event because this is the time we get to gather around the dining table with loved ones (or if you’re alone, with yourself) and thank Heavens above that you are still alive—and eating.

4. Work

Remember the time when you’d have to drag yourself out of bed to dress up, deal with traffic and go to work? Now that many are working from home, many are actually appreciating the fact that they have work (unlike so so many) and their work helps keep food on the table and enables them to pay bills. And yeah, work helps one keep distracted of the fact that we’re on lockdown , gives us some sense of normalcy and allows us to interact with non-family.

5. The end of COVID

Need I really say more? The day we are able to defeat this virus with a pill (not just a vaccine) or when we are able to go out without a mask and hug friends is the day we all look forward to.

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