Top five reasons why it’s okay to buy in bulk

One of the most awful things you can do during the pandemic is to hoard. Specially on essentials and basic necessities. The thing you have to remember about hoarding is that no matter how much you hoard, the supplies you buy will, eventually, run out. (And you’re lucky if you get to consume all these before their expiration dates)

As a former hoarder, I have learned that money gets wasted when you buy too much. Hence, I have rounded up the top five reasons when it’s okay to buy in bulk.

Free Cardboard Boxes on Living Room Stock Photo in bulk

1. When you have many members of the family

The size of your family is a good basis. And this includes family members and relatives who also depend on you for supplies. Also remember who you’re buying for. The needs of a family of five with 3 small children is different from the needs of a family with 3 college students who are all athletes.

2. When you have a special occasion or event that you’re planning for

Of course, when you’re planning for a party or gathering, you have to have enough supplies. Let you want your guests to go hungry.

3. When the prices are a steal- and the expiry date is still a long time coming                   

This can actually work if you’re buying  goods with a long shelf life. But if you’re planning to buy bread or chips at half off, but the expiry date is quite near, think again. Unless you plan on serving chips- morning, noon and night.

4. When you want to donate or give to charity

This actually is a great thing to do considering that there are many sectors who are currently in need of help because of the pandemic.

5. When a price increase is in the offing

If you have been alerted of an increase in the price/s of garlic, sugar or cooking oil, then it’s wise to buy a few supplies to stock in your pantry. But remember: you cannot go overboard! Once you have hoarded and end up not using the items, your first purpose which is to avert the price increase and save money gets defeated.

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