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Top five reasons why Tagaytay is still everyone’s go-to place

Now that more and more COVID cases are being recorded daily here in Metro Manila, one of the  options being studied by urbanites is to leave awhile- and go to the provinces. One destination which remains famous until now is Tagaytay. And for many good reasons.

But for now, we just focus on my top five:

Free Taal Volcano in Tagaytay Philippines Stock Photo

1. Tagaytay is reachable by car

That means it’s a far safer tourist destination than a place that you have to fly to.

2. Tagaytay has a lot of places to stay in- and i mean a lot

You can either go BNB, high end, or go for a backpackers’ stay- and it will be alright. Because at the end of the day, it’s still about the experience- and the company you keep during your stay.

3. It’s cooler than most places

Plus, Tagaytay is a place to enjoy nature- and breath fresh air.  In this time of COVID, nothing beats being able to step out of the house and enjoy the outdoors  without worrying whether you’re going to contract COVID.

4. The many places to eat, eat and eat

Sure, you can also eat in Timog, Maginhawa St. or Aguirre St. in Paranaque. But to eat while enjoying natural cool air and beautiful scenery is something else. Plus, it’s where you can eat beef dishes (the bulalo!) like there’s no tomorrow, as prices are a lot cheaper over there. Plus, It’s a pasalubong haven!- pineapples, buko pie, fresh carabao’s milk,  all sorts of tarts etc etc.

5. Tagaytay is home to a lot of property developments

No. I’m not talking about big developers who build shoebox condo units.  I’m talking about developers like Don Tim Development Corp.-  the first developer in Tagaytay which offers low density condo units. That means it’s not cramped! Oh definitely, not at all! in fact there are only 6 units per building cluster with a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom condominiums. Each unit comes with a foyer, living area, dining area, kitchen area, service area and carport, and ground floor units also come with a lanai and a pocket garden.

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