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Five reasons to leave Metro Manila and migrate for the province

One thing that this pandemic has done is for us to go over the quality of life we have. Stuck at home (for those who chose to do so or those who were given no choice), being locked up has made us realize that there are many things we don’t need in life- and that we can actually lead a simpler one. So for those toying with the idea of leaving the Metro Manila life and settling in a more relaxed and calm setting, here are the Top Five scenarios that may actually motivate you to make that move.

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1. You have lost work or any other employment opportunities here

Living in Metro Manila requires for people to have steady jobs or source of income. And if you don’t have any, then time to pack your bags and leave (unless you have a family willing to shoulder your needs or friends willing to take you in and support you until you get back on your feet).

2. You can’t afford the cost of living in the metropolis anymore

Meralco bills, excessive delivery charges, steep prices of vegetables and groceries. These are just some of the realities urban dwellers have to face. And the expenses never stop. Sometimes I even think that the reason why we earn is so we can pay off our bills.

3. You want to be away from the maddening crowd and the noise of technology

If you need a wider breathing room from the pollution and traffic or you just need to have more of mother nature in your life, then it’s definitely time to move to the province! Admit it or not, there will always be that point in your life when you’d rather enjoy the peace and quiet- and if you want to feel like you’re on vacation mode every day, then time to leave.

4. Most of your relatives are there already

Face it. No one wants to be alone. And Filipinos dread the thought of being away from family and relatives. We always need to be near relatives because they give us a sense of comfort and security, knowing that there’s always someone who we can run to physically- and embrace, when the need arises.

5. You want to feel safer from COVID-19

It doesn’t need to be repeated…. But here we are repeating it: social distancing is a must, if we want to win the war vs. the pandemic. The metro, as it is, is already dense. If we want to be able to live without feeling constricted, then rural life is the way to go!

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