Top five facts about the British Monarchy

One of the more talked about issues, nowadays, apart from the pandemic and the efficacy of vaccines, is the infamous interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Oprah. In gist, accusations of racism was hurled by Megan vs. the British Monarchy, plus revelations of suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy. But we are not here to play judge on who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. We’re simply here to give you the top five facts about the British Monarchy (and some, are simply, hilarious–if you ask me):

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1. You’re not supposed to touch them

It’s long been a rule that nobody but a royal should physically touch a member of the royal family, especially the Monarch. That rule, though, is often ignored nowadays. Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama famously hugged the Queen in 2009. That’s supposed to be a big “no no”, but the Queen seemed to be alright with it.

2. You can’t get to the throne by marrying one

Nobody who marries into royalty can ever ascend to the top. If you married a monarch, your title would be either queen–or king-consort.

3. The Queen sets the pace at dinners

As soon as the monarch stops eating, everybody eating with them must put down their knives and forks. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten to the best and rest of the entrees, once the monarch puts down her utensils, you have to also follow suit.

4. The Queen doesn’t need a passport

All UK passports are issued in Her Majesty’s name. It makes sense, then, that Her Majesty doesn’t need to ask permission from herself to go overseas. Also, the Queen is one of the only handful of people in the world that doesn’t need a passport for international travel.

5. They can’t play Monopoly

It may sound bizarre, but royal family members aren’t supposed to play Monopoly because it could result in bitter infighting. Back in 2008, the Duke of York revealed that, apparently, the traditional Christmas game gets a bit too vicious in the Mountbatten-Windsor household.                                 


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