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Top 5 underrated shows you need to binge watch on Netflix

Finding the right show to watch can be really tricky. We sometimes spend a ton of minutes to search for a good show or movie to watch but sometimes end up falling back into watching shows we have seen a thousand times (like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and recently for me–Modern Family). If you’re looking for something new to add to your list, give these titles a try and you’ll know why deserve to be viewed (and hyped) more. Here’s our list of the top 5 underrated shows you need to binge watch on Netflix:

1. Kim’s Convenience

Watch Kim's Convenience | Netflix

Kim’s Convenience is a feel-good, comforting sitcom about an immigrant family running a local neighborhood shop in downtown Toronto. This show tackles how a multigenerational immigrant family balances life, work, family, romance, with some drama along the way. It currently has four seasons and is already renewed for its fifth and sixth season (though COVID-19 might delay its release)!

2. Workin’ Moms

Workin' Moms (TV Series 2017–2023) - IMDb

This show is all about four new moms and how they are struggle as their maternity leave comes to an end. The show also tackles topics such as postpartum depression, women in the workplace, self confidence, and a whole lot more. According to the show’s creator, Catherine Reitman, she wants to offer a more honest of portrayal of motherhood on TV.

3. Atypical

Watch Atypical | Netflix Official Site

This coming-of-age show is all about balancing family and friends. Sam, a penguin-loving boy on the autistic spectrum, goes through his high school life, first love, and his relationship with his family. The best thing about this show is that Sam is never defined by his autism, instead his experiences (and awkwardness) are something anyone can relate to.   

4. The OA

Watch The OA | Netflix Official Site

The OA stars Brit Marling, who also is the creator and executive producer of the show, who plays Prairie Johnson on the show. Prairie is a blind girl who returns home after a 7-year disappearance, who now can see and calls herself The OA. Her story, the FBI, and the people around her try to solve the puzzle and discover the mysterious journey to the shocking truth behind it all.

5. Dead To Me

Dead to Me (TV Series 2019–2022) - IMDb

This dark comedy show is about Jen (Christina Applegate) who meets Judy (Linda Cardellini) in a support group but little did Jen know, Judy is not everything she seems. This show always has a nice surprise twist at the end so you’ll really get hooked and would make you want to binge watch both seasons (season 2 dropped in Netflix last May) in one sitting.

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