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Five skills to learn while in quarantine

Now that you’re just home, you’ll have plenty of time, not just to grow your hair or patience- but to actually grow up! Here are some Adulting Skills to learn during the new MECQ (if you haven’t, already):

1) Cooking or Baking

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So you stop thinking of instant noodles as a full meal and also realize there’s more to life than pandesal.

2) Planting

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So what if you’re overwhelmed with all these social media testimonials of how plants can be calming during a pandemic? Don’t just read or hear about it! Try it yourself and see if it works!

3) Sewing

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Why don’t you rummage through your old clothes, then try to sew some patterns together to make a new pillowcase? Or maybe rework those old pants and make a bag out of it!

4) Upcycle

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Don’t just throw your old stuff away. Check if you can repurpose your old picture frames into a headboard or your socks into stuffed toys. Unlock your imagination!

5) Minor home repairs.

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Try to be your home’s savior of that leaking roof, that busted pipe or that peeled off paint. Learning a few fix me up basics can save you time, stress and money!

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