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Five reasons why watching TV is still awesome

Television is one of the forms of entertainment that a lot of people grew up with before smartphones took over. Unfortunately, as time went on and technology advanced, entertainment could be attained through this portable box object on your hands. Furthermore, it isn’t only limited to a few hundred channels, but you could get access to virtually anything. However, television will always have a special place in my heart. So despite all the advantages of smartphones, here’s five reasons why watching TV is still awesome.

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1) News is more real time on TV

Even if there’s social media to get news traveling fast, there’s no beating hearing it from news authorities who spend resources just to deliver to you the day’s events as credibly as possible

2) TV is a platform where all those great commercials or advertisements are shown

You just don’t know the painstaking process, and even money, that goes into producing the usual 30-seconder.

3) Channel surfing–all shows all at once, by just clicking the remote

Imagine the fun of changing channels as much as you can when you get to the boring parts of the show you’re on.

4) There’s always a local actor or actress who needs to be watched, appreciated for the talent they possess

Give them a break, will you?! They won’t be able to show what they can do if you don’t watch!

5) It’s a great way to bond with your elders

Just back in the good old days when watching the boob tube is a daily event where you all gather before and after a meal- or when you simply want to relax.

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