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Top Five Ways to Save Money

Top Five Ways to Save Money

I remember my first job. It was an average paying job- but that didn’t stop me from spending much of it on clothes, bags and shoes. And those dates with the boyfriend. As I grew older, and as I hopped on from one job to another, I would realize that my savings wasn’t going anywhere. So I decided to change all that. When I landed a high paying job, I promised I would do everything to grow my savings- and make sure I had enough stashed for a rainy day. So how did I do it? Well, here are the Top Five Ways to Save:

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1. The more you earn, the more you should be wiser in spending

Trouble with a lot of people since before is when they begin to earn more, a lot of ideas run in their heads as to what to spend their next paycheck on. What they have to realize is that they key to saving is to save more even if your salary increases. Keep your life and spending simple and before you know it, you’d have built up your savings more than you think you ever could.

2. Save money without scrimping too much

Saving doesn’t mean scrimping. Just because you’re saving, doesn’t mean you have to give up all your wants. You have to allow yourself some luxury or some sort of reward for working hard. But you also don’t have to reward yourself everytime. And the reward doesn’t have to be always expensive. It doesn’t have to be a new phone or traveling. A reward can be a simple massage or buying your favorite expensive coffee with a croissant to go with it.

3. To save money, something’s gotta give

You can’t have everything. That means, you have to weigh what you really want or need a certain moment -and sacrifice the other. Like say, you want to order a bria. but it would cost you some 350 per order. If you really can;t resist, then sacrifice your cab ride the next day. take the bus or the mrt instead. But when you do the bria and take the grab almost instantaneously, you will see your supposed allocation for savings simply blown.

4. Stop eating in restaurants or ordering in

There will be a lot of times that you will find it more convenient or tempting to just eat in a resto or order in because of so-called convenience. But when you think about it, eating our or ordering in takes a huge cut out of your savings (especially when done consistently). Try to make “bacon” or eat your mom’s home cooked meal. Or if you’re living alone, do some grocery, buy some tuna and whip up your favorite tuna pasta. Or in the morning, have cereal or eggs and toast. This will definitely be a lot cheaper in the long run than buying a sausage sandwich with coffee en route to work.

5. Look for as many promos as possible, and apply them

The key is never to be ashamed at looking at promos and applying them whenever you’re about to buy something like food, groceries or even, clothes. Specially when ordering or hunting on line, look at the promo codes, apply them- then if you think there really is a deal in there, then purchase! Promos will save you a ton, believe you me.

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