Top Five Dishes at Salamandas Restaurant, Coco Grove Beach Resort

Top Five Dishes at Salamandas Restaurant, Coco Grove Beach Resort

When it comes to taking a vacation, we think of the best places to sit back and relax, best places to watch the perfect sunset or even the best places to start sipping Piña coladas or mango shakes. But if you’re anything like us, the perfect vacation means having to taste unique and delicious dishes.

Recently, our small team of three were extended an opportunity by Coco Grove Beach Resort to visit and immerse ourselves in the beauty, solemnity and grandeur of the island of Siquijor (read about it here). A part of our visit included trying out Coco Grove’s very own Salamandas Restaurant which specializes in seafood, international cuisine with island influences, signature dishes and fresh regular specials, in a fine dining oceanfront atmosphere. We were able to try almost everything on their exceptional menu (which was a blessing and a treat!) and everything was superb. In an effort to give you an idea of what to try, here are the Top Five Dishes at Salamandas Restaurant that unanimously take the cake!

1. Pan-Fried Mahi-Mahi in Butter Lemon Sauce served with French Fries & Mixed Green Salad from Salamandas Restaurant

Right off the bat, we had the Pan-Fried Mahi-Mahi—a delectable dish that finds the perfect balance between being tender and flaky, whilst being elevated by a welcome zest of the butter lemon drizzle. On the side are crunchy fries and a refreshing mixed green salad.

2. Butter Garlic Baby Prawns w/ Fettuccine Pasta & Fresh Bread

Pasta and seafood are always a good mix—especially when it’s as good as their very own Butter Garlic Baby Prawns with Fettuccine Pasta. The prawns were undoubtedly fresh. It was made more delectable by the sweet, slightly tangy sauce that unsurprisingly gives the dish a well-rounded, balanced flavor. The portion size was pretty generous, too.

3. Grilled Salmon in Butter Lemon Sauce served with Mashed Potatoes & Mixed Green Salad

Grilled salmon is something you’ll find in most seafood restaurants, but Salamandas managed to make theirs extra sumptuous. Think soft, easy-to-pull apart flesh with a rich, smokey, and buttery flavor, cooked to perfection with just the right amount of char on the skin. Mashed potato and a fresh salad on the side were delightful palate cleansers, as well.

4. Pork Spareribs in Bourbon Sauce served with Herb Rice & Mango Salsa from Salamandas Restaurant

What sets this dish apart from other Pork Spareribs is the rich, salty, sweet and full-flavored Bourbon Sauce generously drizzled across the spareribs. The ribs themselves were masterfully-cooked, with an easy pull-apart charm. It was a delight to devour.

5. Prawn Tempura from Salamandas Restaurant

Served with their very own salty, savory, and umami-rich tempura sauce and salad on the side, these crunchy baddies are every shrimp lover’s dream. It hadjust the right amount of crunch, and the shrimp pieces were generously-portioned, too.

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