Top Five Things You Ought to Know About Shakey’s NEW Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers!

Filipinos love the classic bone-in fried chicken. While the usual bone-in fried chicken has become a comfortable go-to for ordering or dining in, Shakey’s is here to level up the fried chicken game with a whole new chicken experience! Introducing: Shakey’s NEW Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers! These new chicken fingers from Shakey’s are crunchy and mouthwatering on the outside, and deliciously juicy and tender on the inside.

Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers Solo

1. These chicken fingers are made from real, lean, chicken tenderloins

These are hand-battered with uniquely seasoned breading and then fried to golden perfection. Every piece is packed with all the goodness of fried chicken in one solid crunchy bite. Each chicken tenderloin is carefully hand-battered with a distinctively seasoned breading, creating a unique and savory flavor profile. After this meticulous preparation, they are expertly fried to a golden perfection.

2. And because these chicken fingers are boneless, they’re great to eat on the go, whether for snacking or paired with your favorite Shakey’s pizza! No bones, no fuss!

With no bones to contend with, they are the ideal choice for an on-the-go snack or as a perfect accompaniment to your beloved Shakey’s pizza.

3. To get the full delicious experience, Shakey’s serves their Tender Chicken Fingers with a vegan BBQ dipping sauce.

To elevate your taste experience to the fullest, Shakey’s has paired these delectable Tender Chicken Fingers with a tantalizing vegan BBQ dipping sauce.

4. Shakey’s NEW Tender Crrrunch Chicken Fingers comes in 6 pcs. at P249 and 10 pcs. at P399. Starting July 18, 2023, you can enjoy this offering in all Shakey’s stores nationwide.

Starting from July 18, 2023, you’ll be able to relish this delectable offering at all Shakey’s outlets across the nation. This means you have the flexibility to choose the portion that best suits your appetite and sharing preferences.

5. This new item is available in dine in, carryout, and delivery through the Shakey’s Super App, Hotline, and website!

You can indulge in this exciting new item through multiple channels – dine in, carryout, or delivery. Whether you prefer to savor it at the restaurant, grab it to go, or have it delivered to your doorstep, Shakey’s has got you covered.

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