Top five things COVID-hit peeps miss–when they’re in isolation

I decided to put this piece together–now that more and more people I know have fallen ill with Omicron. This list is actually inspired by the people I know and have talked to- about the things they miss the most when isolated from others. And, not surprisingly, when one gets sick and is forced to heal by his/her lonesome, the things these individuals miss are usually, non-material and can never be bought:

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1. Outside World

Naturally, if you’re in isolation, you don’t get a sense of what’s happening outside–specially when you don’t have any windows in your isolated room. While your i-Pad or Mobile phone or Netflix will keep you company most days, you’ll tire of it, eventually, and long to see the outside, feel the sun on your skin or breathe natural air, no matter how polluted Metro Manila air may be.

2. Hugs

Human contact is something many peeps in isolation miss a lot. Can’t blame them: when one feels ill, one doesn’t only need meds. One needs actual physical care. some warmth that can only be brought forth by human touch.

3. Feeling useful

Of course, when you feel overwhelmed with work, one’s natural inclination is to wish for some good sleep or rest. But when you’re in isolation, you’d wish you didn’t have to spend too much time in bed where time seems to drag longer than normal. This is one of those moments when you’d wish you were back at work, or doing that household chore you used to dread.

4. Feeling great

You’ve always stretched yourself physically, going days with only a few hours of sleep, eating whatever you wanted and drinking alcohol with friends like there’s no tomorrow. But when you feel sic- and have to isolate, you begin to miss how it is to feel in tip-top shape- so much so that you vow you will live a healthier life once you’ve recovered.

5. Meaningful relationships

More than the hugs, those who have been stuck in isolation have become more aware of the people they cannot live without- or those who they have taken granted for so long. They even wonder how they got to waste their time with people who only used them, or were only present during happy times. Fostering true and sincere relationships- those that will be with you until the end of time, now those are the things people in isolation really miss.

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