Overdue post! Top five things I received this Holiday season

I know that this post is long overdue. But now that we are working from home again–I have had the time to go over the gifts I received last Christmas and put them to good use. These things are more practical stuff ( and not just “me” stuff which usually consists of every woman’s weakness points: clothes, bags or shoes) So here you go: the top five things I received this Holiday season before Omicron hit:

1. Vacuum Cleaner

I am actually in awe of this Deerma Vacuum cleaner I got–which was intended for my car–but is now being used at home. The motor is so powerful that the way it sucks out the dust and other unwanted particles is amazing. But I must admit, having a cord attached to it makes it a challenge to clean my car because I need to attach a long extension cord to get it to the driveway.

2. A coat and hat tree

Free A Brown Coat Rack beside a Chair Stock Photo

This is actually a blessing, given the fact that the two previous ones I bought couldn’t handle the bags I hung. This one is from Ikea. It’s quite sturdy–and is designed like a tree. It comes in white, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye

3. Laptop clip stand

This actually clips on the two separate sides of the laptop. This is actually a dream for people like me who hate setting up any tool or contraption.

4. BTS mask

Bts logo Face Mask by Tara Mike | Pixels

This is actually so pricey–that I will never ever think of buying this for myself. But it says it can be  reused and washed many times… So i will take the product info attached to it to the letter–from how to wear and care for them–and use it only for special occasions.

5. A website

This is actually such a unique gift. I have a little enterprise going on–and a website will help establish its legitimacy and help in explaining itself to anyone who’s looking for my kind of business.

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