Top five reasons why I won’t be visiting popular malls in the near future

I was one of those who went to SM Megamall last Sunday––at a time when Alert Level 2 was imposed on Metro Manila. That meant curfew was eased, malls can now operate longer, restaurants can accept more diners inside their establishments- and even kids can go out. Well, little did I know that people would actually take the opportunity to go out as soon as the announcement was made, making me quite anxious about my safety––as well as others who visited the mall in droves! So here are the top five reasons why I have stricken off visiting  popular malls in the near future.

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1.  There are simply too many people

While having many people contributes to a mall’s festiveness, the sight of sooo many people at this time of the pandemic is simply overwhelming. and imagine all of them walking leisurely, in droves!

2.  No social distancing

You can actually observe this in escalators. Even if the steps have clear markings on where to step, there are those who just don’t seem to care. Oh, and the food courts…. People seem to have forgotten that there’s still a pandemic.

3.  Parking is a nightmare

Parking will always be a headache for car owners. Of course there’s no choice left for us but to simply wait it out or go to the roof top which is the best alternative for people in a rush.

4.  Not enough security

Of course they have guards posted in the entrances and exits- but on the floor, they should perhaps re-think how many guards they should deploy. with so many mall-goers, including the elderly and kids, more guards should be on the watch over such a big crowd that occupies such a humongous space.

5. Not enough place to sit

Sorry, I know that malls do away with seats so as to dissuade people from siting around, hanging out for hours and compel them to check out the shops and buy from them. well the least they can do is to look for a run around and provide mall goers with a space where they can relax their tired feet, especially for pregnant women or seniors or PWDs.

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