Five things to be grateful for during the Holiday Break––and before Alert Level 3

And just like that, the Christmas season is done- and we are back to Alert Level 3. Many are feeling down and anxious once more- owing to the rise of COVID cases and the real possibility that Omicron is in our midst. But we made hay when we had the chance during the holiday break, didn’t we? Which made me write this list of the top five things to be grateful for:

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1. We got to see our loved ones and friends after a long time

This is the best part of the Holidays–being able to actually see our loved ones in the flesh, dine with them, exchange gifs with them, and exchange stories and actually seeing their reactions.

2. We got to see amusement parks and cinemas open

The sight of amusement parks open and parents with kids in tow lining up to get inside is priceless. Sometimes the lines would get too long but they didn’t seem to mind.  As for cinemas, they did open under strict safety protocols (one seat apart, no eating etc.) but while not a lot of people paid to watch a movie during the holidays (which was unfortunate for the MMFF entries), the sight of cinemas open was still a sight to behold.

3. Kids were able to go out

The pandemic didn’t stop parents or titas and titos from bringing children out to the parks or the malls to have a great time. While getting these kids out is also a way for parents and their relatives to go out as well, giving these kids some time out of the house during the holidays certainly made them feel that there’s a whole world out there waiting for them to explore again when everything is safe once again.

4. Small Entrepreneurs were able to earn

Entrepreneurs were able to sell their wares physically, instead of the usual online method- making it easier for them. Im talking about home cooks or “bazaaristas” who were able to get their wares out in the open through Christmas tiangges. Not only did this make it easier for small businesses to make transactions, it also was a treat for buyers like myself because there’s nothing better than having an actual feel or look of the product you’re purchasing for yourself or for someone you’re gifting to.

5. Semblance of normalcy and freedom

This maybe psychological. But during the break when Alert Level 1 was hoisted, and save for the mask, the feeling of having everyone out of their homes gives  a feeling of joy and hope that everything is normal–and all things will be okay. Of course, that doesn’t seem to be the case now. But hope is such a powerful thing. All you sometimes need is that glimmer for you to carry on.

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