Top five things I enjoyed this MECQ on Netflix

Netflix is a throve of treasure when it comes to entertainment. It’s also vey cheap as compared to cable. So it’s not really a surprise that many have come to depend on Netflix to while the time away during these uncertain times. So on this edition of Today’s Top Five, I run down the things I’ve recently watched on Netflix which are pretty cool. And this list does not include TV shows or series- as I will make another Top Five List delving into such, one of these days.

1. American Factory

Documentary on how a Chinese factory came to revive the economy of an American town reeling from the shut down of a major U.S. car manufacturer. The film touched on the difference in work ethics and culture between Chinese and American workers, unionism and the sacrifices that have to be done for the sake of job preservation.

2. Trial by Fire

Based on a true story, the film delves into the case of a man who was sentenced to death for allegedly killing his three babies by setting his home ablaze. It delves into the Texas justice system–and how a stranger turned friend did everything in her power to stop the execution after discovering new pieces of evidences.

3. 42

Follows the true to life story of baseball great Jackie Robinson. More than his wins on the baseball field, the film depicted his triumph over racism–not only from sports fans and opposing teams, but also his own team mates.

4. Sweet Girl

I watched this because I was curious of other films of Jason Momoa , aside from Aquaman. The film centers around a father and daughter whose fight with Big Pharma begins when the wife/mom was diagnosed with a critical illness. It would actually seem like the usual action-thriller to you. But, no spoilers here, the ending will make you gasp “I didn’t see that coming”.

5. SAS Rise of the Black Swan

At first glimpse, you might think it’s a B-Movie or a trying hard action film with the usual terrorist story line. But surprisingly, SAS makes for good entertainment. Lots of unexpected action and sequences make the film very entertaining that you wouldn’t notice the film runs for more than 2 hours.

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