Five ways to break up

How to break up. That is something many people have asked me. I guess my years of experience in relationships have made me a guru of sorts. But the art of breaking up, as I know it, which entails two people being decent and discreet about it, is not really common practice anymore. To blame, I guess, is the digital age and of course, the loss of some old-fashioned values. Anyhow–here are the five ways to break up with someone (and believe me, I don’t support most of these–except for number 3.)

Free Frustrated multiethnic couple having argue on street Stock Photo break up

1. Through a text message

Imagine waking up to a text message from someone who has professed their love for you the days before- telling you that he/she needs to end the relationship. A true act of cowardice.

2. By ghosting

More than the former, this is the ultimate type of cowardice. One who simply leaves without a decent goodbye. But of course, one shouldn’t be quick to judge. There are people I know who have fought their way to keep a relationship- but who simply just can’t hang on because of all the fights and tears. I think when one person is toxic and won’t simply accept a break up, i think ghosting is actually a good option.

3. Decent break up

A decent break up entails two people sitting down together and discussing their problems, arriving at a common decision to end things amicably and wishing each other the best. This actually happens, i think, when both have already reached a point of no return and when both parties already have other things in mind or in the horizon. Like, say, a new prospect.

4. Through social media

Also an act of cowardice, the only difference is, this person decides to send his/her message via social media. This person has no qualms taking his/her failed relationship to social media, and perhaps get people to rally behind the break up. This isn’t just plain coward, it’s also narcissistic.

5. By leaving a letter

I’ve heard of a break up that was done through a 10-page letter and left in the recipient’s doorstep in the wee hours of the morning. While the “heartbreaker” did vanish, the only joy that could be found in this particular act was that the person left behind was worth writing the 10-page letter. This is something huge at a time when the art of letter-writing is gone.

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