Top 5 reasons why Phoenix’ Asphalt’s Cold Patch Mix is a game changer

Offering a new solution to recurring problems in Philippine roads, new asphalt player, Phoenix Asphalt, is introducing an innovative product that aims to provide an effective and durable fix for road potholes: the Cold Patch Asphalt Mix. It was in 2019 that Phoenix Asphalt was established as a joint venture company by the leading local independent oil firm Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc., Thailand-based TIPCO Asphalt Public Co. Ltd, and PhilAsphalt Development Corporation. In the same year, it broke ground for the construction of its own asphalt facility in Batangas, and officially started its operation mid-2020. Phoenix Asphalt General Manager Julius Aguas said: “We at Phoenix Asphalt believe that the way for national progress starts with strategic, functional, and well-maintained roads. Hence, together with our partners, we are offering a solution that could achieve this, and help boost our government’s ‘Build Build Build’ program, while providing better journeys for Filipino motorists”. TIPCO International Retail Division Regional Technical Manager Christophe Duboscq, meanwhile, assured: “This is only the start as we have more groundbreaking offerings that are currently being developed to address specific problems and requirements of our customers”.

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So what makes Phoenix’s Cold Patch Asphalt Mix such an innovative and breakthrough product? We sum it up for you on Today’s Top Five.

1. It is so convenient to use

This ready-mix product can easily be used to repair cracks, potholes and small areas (typically 1-2m2) without the need for heating or mixing. That means the Cold Patch Asphalt Mix can be applied directly to concrete and asphalt-based roads immediately and anytime when needed! It also does not require heavy equipment for application and is storable.

2. It’s durable

It can withstand heavy rain, floods, and temperatures of up to 64°C. Also, the Phoenix Cold Patch Asphalt Mix can bear the heavy weight of trucks and vehicles, Therefore, there’s no limitation on the traffic it can withstand. In fact, the bearing capacity of the pavement will depend on the base structure. So if the base structure can sustain the traffic, then the Cold Patch will sustain as well. The only time that it can break is if the base structure is weak.

3. It is a permanent repair

Phoenix Cold Asphalt mix is not a temporary fix. If it is well applied strictly according to the guidelines, and if the base structure is strong enough, then the Cold Patch will stay there permanently.

4. It produces instant results

This environment-friendly product eliminates the waiting time after asphalt application since it allows traffic immediately after product compaction. There’s no need to wait for a certain time.

5. The DPWH vouches for it

No less than Department of Public Works and Highways Bureau of Research and Standards Officer-In-Charge Director Reynaldo Faustino said that this type of product has a great potential in improving road maintenance as it can easily be used to repair cracks and potholes without the need for heating or mixing. In fact, he calls on private partners to “continue developing high-quality products that we can utilize and incorporate into our projects, and to support us in our pursuit of improving the lives of our fellow Filipinos through quality infrastructures.”

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