Five signs you’ve fallen out of love

Love is supposed to be forever. Well, that’s the ideal way of looking at it. Sadly, this really isn’t the case. There are times when people really do fall out of love, for whatever reason. And it doesn’t have to be because of a third party. Sometimes people just do. Here, I give you the five that indicate that you’ve probably stopped loving the person you’re with.

Free Wistful concerned African American couple in casual clothing sitting on bed at home after having quarrel Stock Photo fallen out of love

1. When you don’t feel a tinge of jealousy

Whether he’s out with his friends or communicating with an ex, the fits of jealousy you used to throw isn’t there anymore. In fact, a part of you even wishes that he’d just spend more time with them than you.

2. When you’re just forcing yourself to do things out of habit

When you’re gathering all your inner strength so you’d go to the phone and call him at 9 pm because that’s your usual time to talk, recap the day’s events, say I love you and say good night. When this–and the other habits like sending him coffee and donuts at work or posting sweet notes on his laptop have become chores, you know it’s over.

3. When you don’t think of him when you think love and romance

When a romantic movie trailer drops or when a new love song plays, and you can’t even relate the song to him, then this love is as good dead.

4. When your conversations have gone dull

Remember the time when you’d just talk endlessly on the phone–about the world, about everything and even those sweet nothings? Now, those sweet nothings are simply nothing. In fact, you’ve reached that point that you don’t mind if he calls or messages you.

5. When you don’t see the point of using the stuff he has given you

When you have reached the point when the things he has given you are already gathering dust and cobwebs or when he gives you something and you begin to think “Where in the world would I use or need this? or “Sana naman, pinera na lang”, you know you’re en route to losing that emotional attachment to the person you once fell head over heels in love with.

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