Top five subjects you should steer clear on social media

Social media has been the source of information and entertainment by many folks, specially during the pandemic. But it’s also been a platform for many to bring out their opinions, feelings, angst, and what have you. And while freedom of speech and expression is a good thing, one should be very careful on what they post on line as this can open a huge can of worms. Here’s the top five subjects you should steer clear on social media:

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1. Opinions on Religion

One of the most sensitive topics EVER. Imagine such a controversial topic making its way to social media. If something can be such a cause for debate during gatherings, imagine the explosion it will cause when you bring the debate online. And the ironic thing is, something as sacred as religion should not be a cause for an argument.

2. Opinions on Politics

Politics is such a sensitive issue that it has divided even families. It’s perhaps okay, to a certain extent, to post who you’re rooting for in the coming elections but to push your candidate to the fore- making him/her seem the best person there is, will open your post to a whole lot of backlash!

3. Derogatory Posts

It never is okay to post anything defaming or derogatory against a person, appearance, views, etc. Unless probably you’re directly called out or engaged. But still, keeping mum is still the wisest thing to do. (another wise thing to do is to stay off social media)

4. Personal Squabbles

Never, for the love of Heaven, should you post about rifts within your family or closest circles of friends- and even lovers. Come on- it speaks volumes of the kind of person you are. Things should always be handled with dignity and class. No matter how much you’re hurting, don’t do anything that you will regret later on.

5. Family Information

You should know better than post on social media where your kids study, the cars you have, or how many household helpers you have. These things are easily spotted by sketchy individuals who can target you and your loved ones anytime.

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