Top five reasons why living alone is good

Filipino families are close-knit. That’s what makes us great. So it’s actually a big step when someone chooses to move out the family home and live alone. But moving out to live independently and not because one marries or enters the seminary, actually has a slew of benefits. And even if your parents and siblings don’t see it now, they will–soon enough. So here’s the top five good things from living alone.

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1. You can do the chores, when and how you please

You can do it your way, without worrying if you’re doing it the way it has always been done at home. In fact, you can waste all the dishwashing liquid in the world and no one would scold you for it.

2. You can have any guests in

You don’t have to seek approval from your parents- or worry about waking up your little brother when your guests stay until the wee hours of the morning.

3. Your bills are all your own

Sure, you have bills you need to pay on your own. But at least, they’re your own! That means no blaming others for that big spike in electricity bills or for that excess on that internet plan. More than that, you’re more frugal when it comes to your needless expenses so you have enough to pay your bills.

4. You can let go of your emotions completely

That means you can cry or laugh or get mad to your heart’s content without trying to control yourself under the pillow. Without worrying that your Dad will hear you and get oh so worried. When you are able to let go of all your emotions, you begin to talk things out with yourself and gain better clarity of your problems and your life (if not, you can cry some more and talk to a therapist without hiding in the closet).

5. You grow up faster

This, I think is the biggest advantage. Since you can’t run to your mom and ask for help each and every time, you will need to figure things out for yourself. Of course you can always call them or google search whenever you encounter a problem. But eventually, you’ll begin to learn the ropes until you finally, everything will be so darn easy.

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