Top five unacceptable break up reasons given to me

I decided to write this as a tribute to everyone who came into my life and left. To everyone who tried their hardest to come up with a reason to break ties with me. Reasons, I find weird, even unjustified. So here are the top five break up lines that I got–with my corresponding answers.

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1. “You deserve someone better.”

This is actually a lot of BS. If iI deserve someone better, why can’t I have someone basic? No one should ever tell me what I deserve or not. If I want someone who can only give me a life in a rundown apartment, then that’s my choice and my problem.

2. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Okay… If it’s not me, then why do I have to be the one to suffer?

3. “You can’t be my priority now.”

But what if I don’t care if I’m a priority or not? What if I also have other things to do? Women can be emotional, true- but if we’re told at the onset that you cannot always be around, I think we’d be able to handle things better (at least expectations have been set).

4. “I have to take care of me first before I can take care of you.”

The thing is, not all women need to be “cared for”. in fact, most of the time, the women are the ones who do the taking care of. Also if the guy needs to be taken cared of, then isn’t it better to have extra care from a girlfriend?

5. “I don’t love you anymore”

Love is a commitment. It’s actually such a special feeling that no one can abandon it, just like that. So I think the safest thing to do is not say “I love you” to someone who you’re not sure you will love for a long time. If you need to break up with someone, you can simply say that “I love you but it has evolved into friendship now.” At least, the love is still there and you spare the person from intense hurt.

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