Top five facts about Miss Universe

Apart from the win of Miss Mexico and how our very own Rabiya Mateo landed in the top 21, what else do we really know about Miss Universe?

Sure, there is the fact that the most wins, to date, belongs to the United States, and that the only country to have back to back triumphs is Venezuela. But there are those other little known facts about the competition which makes the pageant highly interesting and note-worthy. And here are my top five:

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1. No Congenial Miss Universe

No Miss Congeniality has ever gone to win the Miss Universe title. Well, at lest not yet. This simply means that it takes more than being nice and friendly to take home the crown. Which actually makes sense, because Miss Congeniality is voted for by the contestants themselves while a Miss U queen is crowned based on judges’ scores.

2.The tallest and shortest Miss Universe

Talk about extremes! The tallest ever winner of Miss Universe was the Dominican Republic’s Amelia Vega, who won Miss Universe 2003. She stood at 6’2”— and that’s bare foot! The shortest winners were Miss Universe 1958, Colombia’s Luz Marina Zuluaga and Miss Universe 1965, Thailand’s Apasra Hongsakula who both stood at 5’4”.

3. Best in “Attendance”                                                                 

There are only three countries which have sent delegates to each and every Miss Universe pageant since it began in 1952: France, Germany and Canada.                                                                                                 

4. The First and Only Royal Crown                      

The first Miss Universe, Finland’s Armi Kuusela, was the only one to have worn a crown that belonged to an actual royalty. This was owned by the former Russian royal family, the Romanovs.

5. Sabotage is real!             

In 2008, Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Marie Rivera, who won the Miss Universe crown, recalled how she experienced some skin reactions with her gown and make-up. Pageant organizers said her personal items were doused with pepper spray.

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