Top five ways to cool down amid the summer heat

Those who have air-conditioning in their homes, and those who have the capability to pay for higher electric bills are lucky for not having to go through this scorching summer heat. But when you don’t have a choice, the most you can do is these top five things to feel cooler and make the summer heat more bearable.

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1. Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of light color

Yes, please stay away from the color black. Also, always remember to stick to cotton clothing, which will keep you cooler than other materials.

2. Take frequents baths

And when you can’t, keep a spray bottle of water with you and use it to refresh your face.

3. Drink Up!

Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water and other drinks rich in electrolytes drinks to avoid? Anything with caffeine and alcohol in them. Also, Instead of hot food, try lighter summer fare that includes fruits like salads or low fat dairy products.

4. Turn off electronics and gadgets

Cooler temps lead to an ideal sleep . That said, you should turn off your computers, TV and other gadgets that generate heat. If you don’t need it on overnight, unplug it. Same with the light bulb. Turn it off at night so you can feel cooler when you sleep.

5. Have the bed to yourself

When you have the bed all to yourself, you can stretch out–arms, legs and limbs without any of them touching each other. This way, you can reduce body heat and let air circulate around your body.

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