Five reasons why I love doing my grocery at Fisher Mall Supermarket

One place considered “essential”, with or without the pandemic, is the supermarket. This is the place we all go to, when the public market gets too hot or crowded for our own good. We know of the big malls and their very own supermarkets… and of course the smaller versions of these which have sprouted in your neighborhood. Amid all these, one of the supermarkets we, Quezon City residents, have come to adore is Fisher Mall. And these are the top five reasons why:

Free Grocery Store Stock Photo fisher mall

1. The Fresh Catch

As the name denotes, they are a place to buy fresh seafood. And boy do they have lots of them! But we are not just talking about a Fisherman’s catch here. Even their other produce like meat and poultry are vast and plenty. You will have a hard time choosing.

2. Their shelves are well-stocked

They have a world of products here. And their shelves are constantly stocked. And they carry products that are even hard to find or even unheard of.

3. They offer lots of discounts

We are talking Buy One Take One items, 50% off and bundles! And they just don’t occupy one corner of the grocery. Their sale items occupy a huge area––and even a whole long aisle.

4. They have an online counterpart

For those who now dread going out of the house due to the lockdown, then the alternative is to order your groceries online. Fisher Mall does that, too. And the great thing is, the fee for delivery is quite reasonable.

5. Their parking is free

Well at least during ECQ and the start of MECQ. Well, the point is, they are one of those who decided to offer something to their customers, unlike some of the big mall owners who haven’t let up with their parking charges.

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