Top five alternatives to Spam

Who doesn’t love Spam? Then the next question is: who hates the price of Spam? No matter how much we all love Spam, making it a staple specially during breakfast just won’t do. that’s because one can just won’t be enough to go around a family of four or five (unless you ration it to 2 thin pieces an individual). That said, I have come up with my top five alternatives to Spam, in taste and in price.

1. Prem

Prem Luncheon Meat 340g | Shopee Philippines

I have been buying PREM for more than 5 years now… and it almost felt like I hit a jackpot with it. It used to be cheaper by more than 50 pesos a can than Spam––but it’s less than that now since people have discovered It comes also in the same can shape as Spam and also comes in different flavors: original, 50% less fat etc. And my family likes it way more than Spam because they say it isn’t as salty.

2. Chef’s ChoiceChef's Choice Chicken Luncheon Meat 340g (12oz) | Shopee Philippines

This also is one brand that has luncheon meat packed in many flavors. But the one that stands out for me is Chef’s Choice Premium Ham Luncheon Meat. It actually tastes good and the best part is it costs less than 90 pesos.

3. Maling Premium Ham

Buy 1 Take 1 Maling Premium Ham Luncheon Meat 340g | Shopee Philippines

Yes, for those of you who only buy Maling in a round can, there is such a thing as Maling Premium Ham that comes in both a square can (just like Spam) and a round can (the can that Maling has always been known for)This costs less than 90 pesos and it really tastes premium.

4. Tulip

Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat

This Brand from Denmark packs quality but does not burn a hole in your pocket. Some have even likened it to Spam, but i think it has its own taste that’s far from Spam.

5. Lotte

LOTTE KOREAN LUNCHEON MEAT (340g) | Shopee Philippines

This Korean brand made its way into PH shores not so long ago. This isn’t as salty or flavorful like Spam. It’s more restrained in terms of taste, but still a good alternative.

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