Top five things I learned from my doctor in the time of COVID

Many things have been said about COVID, that my mind is about to burst with information. But there’s nothing like hearing it straight from a doctor you’ve long trusted with your medical issues. So, I give you the Top Five things I have learned about COVID-19 in my past two trips to her clinic (oh and yes–the last one was a trip to her e-clinic as she would not dare hold consults in the time of ECQ).

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1. We should wear a mask even if we’re just inside the house

Yes, it sucks that right inside our own home, we need to wear a mask to stay safe from people who we call family. But until we find a truly lasting cure for this virus, better stay safe than sorry.

2. Better if we don’t eat together at this time

Eating together is a way of life for us Filipinos (and in many other cultures). But the thing is, this is the time when it’s safer for us to stay clear of each other when eating. She told me that the dining area in the house is no different  in a restaurant- where sitting near each other or face to face is a big NO NO.

3. Put off a lab test, if it isn’t urgent

My doctor recently scolded me for going to one of those diagnostic labs where I was scheduled for a 2-d Echo and ultrasound. My reason: there was no way I was going to have those procedures moved when I already waited for 2 weeks for that schedule (and it wasn’t my fault that they declared the GCQ a week prior to my sked). Lesson learned, though. Simply put, ask your doctor how urgent a lab test or procedure is first before rushing to do things. Because as my doctor said: if it isn;t an emergency, don’t do it!

4. There’s really nothing wrong with taking the Sinovac jab

In fact, the heart doctor says, if there’s one expert on the subject of COVID-19 vaccine, it would be China, which developed Sinovac and from where this virus originated. I think that makes sense, considering the many films I’ve watched over the years- whereby I see people with life-threatening viruses who always do the one thing: search for the antidote by finding the host or its source.

5. They, too, are scared

This actually is good news and bad news. Good- because I feel like my worries are legitimate and I am in good company with doctors in this belief. Bad–because as doctors, they should be confident in treating their patients- and for them to be worried means this pandemic is really a battle they’re having a hard time fighting.

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