Top five things you can do to help more in the fight vs. the pandemic

We all don’t know when things will go back to normal.  All we can do, for the meantime, is just pray and hope for better times ahead…. And of course, do these five things which can be your contribution to society in battling COVID-19.

How do you slow a pandemic like coronavirus? : News Center Covid 19

1. Speak or call people out

If you see people in the streets who couldn’t care less about wearing a mask or wearing a shield correctly, speak up. Remind them, nicely of their responsibility to be safe- so others can be safe as well.

2. Report hardheaded people

there are those who seem to be deliberately evade the rules by going out for leisure, hanging out with friends in the sidewalk, playing in the streets, wearing masks below their nostrils etc. etc. If you know of consistent violators, please report them to authorities.  You know what they say- Once is a mistake; Twice is a choice.

3. Give out masks to the needy

Disposable masks are kinda cheap nowadays (check out those Shopee and Lazada sellers). If you have a lot in stock, be generous- and give to the needy who have to reuse their masks over and over again because they cannot afford to buy extra.

4. Be a good neighbor

There’s this thing called “pasabuy”. And it actually works, not just for family members but neighbors too. Simply create a group and alternately run the errand for the group. This way, you contribute to the fight vs. the pandemic as it reduces the number of people who have to always go outside to buy supplies.

5. Learn new activities that will encourage you to stay home

Of course this is not the time to play your favorite team sport or travel. But there are lots of activities that you can dabble in that will keep your mind away from the virus. Maybe learn a new language? Or simply, discover a new genre of movies and watch them? You cannot be repeating your hobbies and activities daily- or else you’ll end up getting tired of the things you used to love.

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