Five things employers can do to help employees during COVID-19

Many employees are still trying to figure out how to survive financially (for them and their family) and how to overcome their fears about going out because of the pandemic. While all of us are facing our own struggles as to what to do and what to prioritize, the truth is, employers are better equipped to figure things out because they have more means and resources to help out. So here I count down the top five things employers can do to help employees during COVID-19.

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1. Allow them flexible work hours

Take it easy with them as far as their work schedule goes. Unless of course, you’re in the service industry or an essential industry that needs your time, pronto! Allow them a more flexible schedule. They need all the support they can get, so they can still work amid fears of the pandemic.

2. Provide them with wifi allowances

Specially those who WFH. Of course some of them already have data at home. But when you compute everything, particularly the 8 hours extra your staff needs to do his work at home, his/her plan may not be enough.

3. Replenish their essentials

Provide them, at least, with a mask, a durable shield, an alcohol every month. This will show how much you care for their health and safety.

4. Give them transportation to get to and from work.

This is what companies do–from shuttles to car pooling. And even buses. One such company is Concentrix Corporation (CNXC), the largest private employer in the Philippines. They have expanded their existing transport assistance program via dedicated, branded buses providing free transport to and from Concentrix offices in NCR and Laguna. Fully equipped with airconditioning and wifi internet, the company-provided buses are also compliant to all safety guidelines including sanitation per trip. Staff will be able to conveniently locate the routes, bus location, distance and available seats using an app for this program. The buses operate daily in support of night shift staff, and traverses 15 routes to reach 27 Concentrix offices.

5. Offer them free vaccine

Offer them free COVID vaccination for all staff who opt to avail. This is also what Concentrix announced recently- offering the vaccine to approximately 100,000 staff across the country. They said this is their way of protecting the health and wellbeing of its people, but also to do its part to help the nation in its fight vs. the pandemic.

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