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My top five musts when drinking out

It’s okay to drink and have a good time with your best buddies. But when you go overboard or bring drugs to the picture, then you can be sure that things will go haywire. And I’m not talking about simply losing your phone or wallet, making a mess out of the public toilet or creating scandalous behavior, I am talking about losing your wits- and even losing your life. Here, I have made a list of my Top Five Musts When Drinking Out (so you can be safe rather than sorry).

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1. Make sure there’s always a “responsible one” in the group

Have a responsible one who does not like being wasted. One who will watch over you. One who will stop you binge, care for you and bring you home.

2. Take caution if you have a medical condition- or if you’re taking maintenance medicine/s

If you are, maybe you should just skip the alcohol and just enjoy the company of your intoxicated- and healthier friends.

3. Know your limit

If you know that you can only take 3 bottles, then stick to the 3 bottles.

4. Let your parents know where you are and what your condition is

While friends are friends, no one cares for you more than your family. You may be irked- but they will always be the one to constantly check on you. Your mom, believe ot or not, is gifted with an instinct that whispers to her if there’s something wrong or something to worry about.

5. Know when to rush to the doctor

When things get too much for you and if you don’t feel better after throwing up or sleeping it off, time to rush to a professional for help. Seek a hotel or bar’s manager; Call your mom; but don’t rely on friends who are also as intoxicated as you.

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