Five Oishi products that I personally like

First, this is not a sponsored post. And with that out of the way, let me tell you what made me think of this list. First–Oishi deserves it. That’s because their R&D seems to be doing a great job churning out products (quietly) that are great for snacking- and awesome for breakfast. too. Some of these aren’t even known, though they seem to have developed a loyal following- judging by the fact that they’re still available in groceries after about 15 years, or so, so here’s my top five Oishi products that’s earned my taste and admiration. (Oh–this list doesn’t include the more known Oishi products like Pillows, Bread Pan and the Prawn Crackers)

1. Hi Coffee 3-in-1

Original Coffee Mix - Oishi

I love their Coffee Choco and their Vanilla Caramel. They may not be ahead of the game in the coffee market, but they certainly have caught my taste.

2. Their Cereal

Cereals Archives - Oishi

Choco Flakes and Choco Plunge. They used to also have the Corn Flakes as well as that cereal (Yep I forgot the name) which can go head to head with Fruit Loops. But somehow, for some strange reason, that particular cereal disappeared into thin air.

3. Sundays

Sundays - Oishi

Their line of powdered drinks–from orange to mango. They can actually compete with Tang and Eight O’ Clock when it comes to taste. In case you don’t know- they’re also behind Smart-C.

4. Corn Ole

Corn Olé - Oishi

I always recommend this snack to my friends–because first, they’ve never heard about it. And second, it doesn’t taste like anything in the market. Same as Pods. (A personal favourite of my best friend.)

5. Oaties Milk

Oaties - Oishi

This milk with oats in it makes for a filling beverage-meal in one. Just be ready for that wet, lumpy texture when you gulp it down. It may feel gooey and funny, but it’s very good. It’s also said to prevent the build up of toxins in the body.

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